What information can be obtained with asset investigations

Indagini patrimoniali per recupero crediti

Patrimonial investigations for credit recovery must be carried out to ascertain the availability of assets of a debtor , in order to identify the assets that can be legally requested to balance the credit claimed.

This type of investigation is carried out on both natural and legal persons and is carried out through a series of cross-analysis and in-depth analyzes, which allow to draw up an analytical and detailed report on the debtor’s financial situation.

Asset investigations and bank assessments also serve to understand whether or not it is appropriate to start a legal action , since it may happen that the debtor does not have sufficient availability of movable and immovable property capable of satisfying his credit claims.

The role of the lawyer

The first person you turn to for debt recovery is that of the lawyer. The latter, in order to undertake a profitable and effective legal action, must collect as much evidence as possible. From this point of view, patrimonial investigations undoubtedly represent a significant added value since it is thanks to them that a debt recovery action can be successful and therefore not end in a stalemate with consequent increase of further expenses for the recurring creditor .

Possible solutions for debt collection

Asset investigations for debt recovery are therefore indispensable to verify the debtor’s balance sheet and accelerate the legal procedure through targeted and sequential actions ranging from notifications to subsequent and possible foreclosure acts. Asset investigations and bank investigations are necessary precisely to sift and analyze the various and most appropriate solutions and strategies for recovering an outstanding credit. Options available include real estate foreclosure , property foreclosure and third party foreclosure.

However, the preferable solution remains collecting the credit in cash . Investigations can be carried out to obtain cash credit recovery, for example, the tracing of the debtor’s place of work , which allows for foreclosure by blocking the salary for a fifth of its value. It is also possible to identify the banks where the debtor has his own current accounts and / or savings books and proceed with the relative attachment .

Asset investigations: all the information needed for debt collection

The prior verification of the economic and equity consistency of a subject can speed up the organization and implementation of notification, collection and foreclosure actions. Asset investigations for this purpose include different ways of searching and tracing assets that can be attached by the creditor.

From asset investigations and bank investigations, important information can be obtained to establish a profitable legal action, among which we remember:

  • Real estate (with any liens against)
  • Sources of income / receivables from third parties
  • Investments in companies in Italy and abroad
  • Bank / post office / savings accounts
  • Car, motorcycle and / or other means of transport heading

The patrimonial investigations on the debtor, however, allow to collect other valuable data to undertake a successful debt recovery action such as, for example, movable and / or financial assets, deposits and investments. Finally, let’s not forget that thanks to patrimonial investigations it is possible to obtain important and precious information and more specifically the contacts and references aimed at tracing a debtor who turns out to be untraceable.

Asset assessments: who are they for?

There are several reasons for starting an asset investigation and there are many subjects who can express this need. For example, a condominium administrator may have to manage the situation of a condominium who is in arrears despite having luxury goods or a former spouse who does not receive the maintenance checks he is entitled to. In these situations, it becomes essential to know how many assets the debtor actually has available and which ones are actually attackable.

Asset investigations and bank assessments turn out to be absolutely fruitful even for companies that have trade receivables and must recover them in order to regain possession of the necessary liquidity and thus improve their company cash flow. </ p> They are also useful if you intend to set up a new company and, consequently, you want to know more about mind the balance sheet of potential shareholders and / or the financial strength of a company.

Where reference is made to a defaulting debtor, it is necessary to specify that not only insolvent companies or natural persons are identified who have contracted an obligation without then honoring it, since any former spouses who for various reasons have interrupted the payment of the maintenance allowance to the ex-wife or ex-husband and therefore action must be taken to recover what is actually not paid. In summary, investigations of this type are aimed at offering a complete and in-depth asset view aimed at defining the best credit recovery strategy.

Whatever the situation for which an asset investigation is initiated, it is absolutely essential to rely on reliable partners such as Credit Group Italia, which boasts specific skills in this area and obtains in-depth and detailed asset assessments , making use of partnerships with the most quoted players in the reference market, in order to provide its customers with all the information necessary to evaluate the possibility of initiating legal action against a debtor and ensure that it is profitable and definitive .

Now that you have all the necessary information, don’t waste time and money, your credits are waiting to be recovered!

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